Ade Velkon is a Berlin based label founded by Kathrin Kaiser and Molly McDonnell in 2013. Austria and California transform subtle tradition, hand craft, design experience and aesthetic understanding together. Primarily Ade Velkon is designing for women, yet with a hint of androgyny.

The designers develop each collection based on the former one. The design is between a linear sportiness and a reduced elegance, which is reminding of the unisex minimalism of the 90s. With the additional attributes and inspiration from men’s tailoring, Ade Velkon designs sophisticated and long-lived garments from day to night, for conscious and active living women. The designs never appear strict, rather free and combinable when wearing. Ade Velkon calls their design “The new Elegance”, distinctive and unpretentious.The fabrics come from Europe and are purchased from german traders. With efficient cuts the label is considerate in a less waste production. Ade Velkon is 100% made in Berlin.

Californian designer Molly McDonnell studied fashion design at FIDM in San Francisco. After a 2 year intensive program she finished with a degree in associate of art. She acquired professional skills as a tailor and more and more defined her signature as a designer in those years. A few month later she left the states and moved to Berlin to work for a designer and later for a production company. The last 4 years she worked as a freelance in house tailor for a local Berlin street wear label.

Kathrin Kaiser, born and raised in Austria, graduated from University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a degree in experimental art. Half year later she moved to Berlin and started working for an international accessories label. She was positioned as Head of External Communication and Head of Graphic Design. Since 2014 she is part of the creative agency I-AM-STUDIO and works part time as managing director and designer. Together with Molly, Kathrin develops the designs and focusses mainly on the art direction and management of the brand.